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Planting an astilbe in a metal container. Astilbes need to grow in a dappled or part shady location in moisture retentive soil to thrive. They will not tolerate dry soils. They can however tolerate more sun, as long as the soil doesn’t dry out, so make good plants for a bog garden or waterside planting. Astilbe is the new must-have plant for shady garden plots, adding color, height and texture that breaks up the boredom of one-dimensional groundcovers and mounded plants. “Astilbes are wonderful, virtually indispensable garden perennials,” says garden essayist Allen Lacy, in his book The Gardener's Eye. Astilbe Growing Tips. Soil: Astilbe plants prefer a slightly rich, moist soil. The warmer the weather, the more moisture they need, especially in full sun. They also prefer a slightly acidic soil pH of around 6.0. Planting: Astilbe seed is available, but it can be difficult to germinate. It’s easiest to.

Astilbe grow in full shade to sun, depending on the type. Full shade means no direct sunlight, whereas full sun is a spot that gets six hours or more of sun per day. If you're growing a grouping of astilbe together in a large planter, space small varieties 6 inches apart. For larger astilbe, set them 8 to 12 inches apart. How to Grow Astilbe Perennial Flower Perennial. Perennial Astilbe is a great shade plant with rich, dense foliage and feathery, summer blooms for your shade garden. Also known as False Spirea and False Goat's Beard, Astilbe is native to Asia and North America. Astilbe plumes bloom in June-July. Tuck your astilbe plants with the roots fanned slightly and pointing downwards, and with the eyes or growing points about an inch below soil level. Space plants about a foot apart. After planting, water well to settle the soil around the roots. Root growth will begin almost immediately.

Astible is a knockout plant, thanks to its ornamental, fern-like bronze-and-green foliage and its feathery plumed blossoms that look good both in season and dried for winter interest. Just make sure to keep astilbe moist, or its delicate foliage will scorch in the sun. See more top perennials. Astilbes astilbe x arensii provide vibrant color in shade gardens and, depending on the variety, bloom from early spring to late summer. The perennials have fernlike foliage and colorful spikes of blossoms. Hardy from zones 4 to 9, astilbes need fertile, loamy soil and constant moisture. They grow. Because they grow from these root structures, it is easy to divide and propagate these plants. Division is the fastest of the astilbe propagation methods and will result in plants the following season. You can try growing seeds, but dividing astilbe is a more stable and a faster method for producing plants. Garden Astilbe are a popular choice for shady gardens, where they perform well if given a rich, moist soil and regular watering. This outstanding selection has long, arching deep-pink plumes of flowers, over a mound of elegant, lacy green leaves. Also thrives in tubs, and mixed containers. Fertilize in April and June. Excellent for cutting.

Long lived marginal plants native to China and Japan. Fully hardy and long lasting if growing conditions are good. Provides magnificent plumes of spring flowers that brighten up any corner, prefers dappled shade and damp soil. Will thrive in a bog garden or as an.

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